Beastly good heat

To lead a successful kennels, it is very important to have plenty of time for the animals, and not for heating. So we decided to build a completely new heating house. In order for our labor of the heating system can be reduced to a minimum, we have equipped our company with a completely new heating Fa. HEIZOMAT. The new heating network supplied a 500 kW wood chip heating (RHK-AK 500). Our operation is thus supplied reliably at the highest level with heat and hot water. We have not spared the costs of reinsurance. If a fault immediately a 200 kW oil heater takes over the heat network.

Our biggest concern is the fact that our pension guests are always supplied with a constant heat.
This cozy and natural heat, we offer our guests a pleasant holiday animal vacation.
After our new heating system has been in operation for two months, the workload confirmed far below the scheduled time window.

So our expectations were far exceeded this heating system.